Lightroom Preset Developers

Do you create Lightroom presets that you sell? Adding LR Toolkit to your product can immensely increase the value of your product. Here’s the quick gist of it:


  • One license entitles you to include a LR Toolkit product in one of your product. You can also include the free LR Toolkit Base Kit. Multiple licenses are required for multiple products. Licenses cannot be transferred to different products.
  • It is your responsibility to deliver the LR Toolkit updates to your customers via product updates.
  • Your product must be compatible with LR Toolkit.

Pricing Requirements

  • Your product must be priced at least 25% higher than the cost of the LR Toolkit modules if the customer were to buy them individually. For example, if you include the LR Toolkit Master Kit ($24 value) in your product, your product must be priced at $30 or higher. Prices are in US dollar.
  • You may include your product in bundles but the value of the bundle must be priced higher than the total cost all LR Toolkit products included.


  • A developer license cost 3x the regular price of the module. For example, the Channel Contrast module will cost $24 for the developer license.

Interested in including LR Toolkit with your product? Contact us below for more information.

Developer License

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