LR Toolkit Master Kit (Developer License)


LR Toolkit is a modular-based workflow system for Lightroom that is designed to save you time. The master kit contains all premium modules.

Modules Included:

  • Adaptive Exposure
  • White Balance
  • Dynamic Range
  • Fade
  • Color Boost
  • Adaptive Contrast
  • Shadow Fade
  • Night Film Toning
  • Channel Contrast
  • B&W Color Filters
This developer license entitles you to include LR Toolkit Base Kit and LR Toolkit Master Kit in one product offered for sale. Your product must be priced at least 25% higher than the cost of the LR Toolkit modules if the customer were to buy them individually. For example, if you include the LR Toolkit Master Kit ($24 value) in your product, your product must be priced at $30 or higher. Prices are in US dollar.
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